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Figure skaters deserve more respect. Yuzu shows that.

It’s true! Yuzu slays dragons too.

Tessa and Scott interview

Tessa and Scott interview

Mao Asada, spread Eagle

Mao Asada, spread Eagle

12/30 favorite Weaver/Poje pictures from Stars on Ice 2012 & 2014

12/30 favorite Weaver/Poje pictures from Stars on Ice 2012 & 2014

Have Charlie and Meryl Changed.

The ShibSibs

Great gif -Sasha Cohen

Great gif -Sasha Cohen

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Yuna Kim - Adiós Nonino

I decided to try to make my own gifs and this is the first photoset I’ve ever done in my life ;u; (I love her final combination spin so much)

I had to fix the size to make them lighter :I otherwise, the wouldn’t move ): (I guess I have to keep practicing)

This was favourite part of the programme!!! I’m gonna miss her so damn much.




First I have to take a class 10 hours long and then i have to take an advanced class which is also 10 hours but it’s probably in february and then they said i can join the adult recreational competitioners team (my best translation) and oh my god


Now can anybody tell me how exactly do figure skaters skate backwards???

And quickly because i start in october


Stand with feet straight, take the right leg and slide it behind the left leg, take the left leg and slide it infront of the right leg whilst pushing backwards - then, practice practice practice.

Plus you’re never to old to skate. As long as you’re healthy.

Good luck!!!


Mirai is currently in 5th after the short program in Salt Lake City with a score of 55.46. She attempted 3F-3T but singled the toe, then bounced back with a clean 3Lo and 2A (from a spread eagle!). She got positive GOE for every element except the combination and is within striking distance of the podium. Good luck to her in the free, where she will skate 10th out of 13.

(Protocol + FS start order)


I think there is an army of people supporting Mirai this season, including me. I know the season has just begun but she’ll need to get her jumps on point. I saw the power she gave that 2A, and the loop so I believe she can do it. I hope she is consistent.

I’m worried about this programme though. She’s up against Gracie, Ashley and Polina, and  she’ll need the details to get her up there. I’m not sure if this will be enough. Usually the programme is modified as the season goes on though.


Shoma Uno - 2014 JGP Japan FS (150.21 FS, 219.99 total, 2nd)

Protocol (4T with +1.57 GOE!, 4T(ur)2T, six more triples including clean 3Lz, level 4 on all spins and steps)

Congrats on the silver medal, 2 quads, new personal best score and overall great performance!

WOW!!! I take back what I said in the previous post. He’s already landing quads. I suppose the SP was just a lil shaky for him. This kid is so special. His lines and movements are so to tune. Now I know he has the jumps. Wow, and he’ll only get stonger as he grows.


Anonymous said: What did you think James mins short program at the jgp? That kid was a cutie and a half!

This little thing here. ADORABLE!!! He looked like he was having SO much fun. I let out a hugh sigh when he missed the double axel though. His energy reminds me of Kwan. He’s got great expression and arms. I hope he works on his jumps, more power and faster rotations. It would be cool to see an Australian skater right up there with the big guns.

Well, well, well… what do we have here?

Grand Prix Aichi Japan

I’m going to try and cover as many junior events as I can. Since we will be missing so many of our beloved favourite skaters it’s become necessary to find new skaters to fill that void.

Shoma Uno looks to be one of them… I’ve seen Shoma before but after analysing him properly I can say I’m really excited. One thing I fear is his jumping ability. It’s not because of the fall on the 3A, but if you take notice of the other jumps they aren’t as high or as confidently executed as other junior male skaters. I do hope as he grows he gets stronger and his jumps get bigger. So that he can pull off the big tricks and be right up there challenging for medals when he enters the senior ranks. Although everything else was AMAZING. I love love LOVE his blade control. The first spin was all wrong but he has a good feel for his centre so he retained control of it. His feel for the music is awesome too. If I think anyone resembled Daisuke it would be him.

Elizabet Turzynbaeva

First of all, I had no idea who she was. Secondly I’m glad I now know who she is. 

Amazing, beautiful lines and wonderful musical interpretation. She is from Kazakstan, from her name I thought she was Russian before looking at her nationality and whilst she was skating I thought…. “wow her style is so different from the other Russian girls. This ooozes grace, the lines are long and beautiful and the choreography is swell,  thought out AND goes along with the music. AND she has huge jumps (but a lot of the Russian girls do have mighty jumps though).

Then I saw Brian Orser at the end and I thought. Ohhhh, that’s why…. and she’s Kazak.

But goodness me. She is amazing.  She bombed in the FS though.

Here we have Da Bin Choi, one who skated well. One thing I love about the Koreans is the accuracy. Usually the jumps are fully rotated and the edge on the take off is correct. Serafima Sakhanovich I posted her last winning free skate, although it still annoys me to see the overuse of the Tano arm, I must say she impressed me more here. Her athletic ability is incredible. She’s gone and won her second event. The Russians girls are here to stay.

I don’t remember where I found this, if you know help me link the artist.

I don’t remember where I found this, if you know help me link the artist.

Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir || Canadian Stars On Ice 2014, Try [x]oh 

Oh my.... oh

#are u kidding me with this sex on ice

Lets remember…..

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