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Nam Nguyen.

I can’t begin to descirbe how much I love this programme.

Yukari Nakano and Dasiuke!!

Mao Asada - Majestic

Mao Asada - Majestic

The Swan

The Swan

I love them for making these vids!!!


Akiko Suzuki x
Hydro blading.

Akiko Suzuki x

Hydro blading.




Daisuke Kissing You and Beatles Medley

-I love this so much.

Oh how I miss Yukari.

Her wonderful spins.

Has she performed since retirement? If anyone has any vids please link them to me.

The amazement….

The amazement….

(via to-be-a-figure-skater)

#‎DaisukeTakahashi‬ was suspposed to announce his retiremenet officially today at the ceremony in Kurashiki but, as ususal, the news leaked before he had the chance. He said he felt sorry that the news leaked before he could announce it himself in Kurashiki


Q: Can you share with us what your vision is for the future, if you please?

Daisuke: Well, let me see, I wonder how appropriate to talk about it here on this stage.

I have decided to retire and would like to move on to the next objective.

That’s how I concluded.

This is a sudden turn for myself too, to make this decision.

I thought I would take my time to think about it for a year or two,

to decide if I retire or continue to compete

But.. well,

even when I try to ponder over it to clear my thought

I realized that I have something woolly and cloudy in my mind.

To move forward, I thought I should draw a line.

I felt that I wanted to retire though I know it’s a sudden decision.

But, the direction I would move to hasn’t been determined at all yet.

I just will have a clear and refreshed mind having retired,

and I would like to see myself in a different way.

I have a longer time ahead of me than my past career,

like now I am looking at all of you here

I am surrounded by all the big elders

suggesting me there are many different paths to follow.

I believe I need far more passion than before to lead the life ahead of me,

so, I have no specific target or goal yet but now

I want to just decide to retire to go on to the next stage.

Thank you


I’m near tears right now.



ThankYou Mao!
 Mao appreciation week: We love you Mao.  #weloveyoumao

ThankYou Mao!

 Mao appreciation week: We love you Mao.  #weloveyoumao

On the other hand.

Misha, Misha, Misha…I loved this.

The vocals went well with the programme, the choreography was nice and his enthusiasm is wonderful too. I heard he trained with Frank Carrol but I’m not sure if he is with a major coach now. Wikipedia says he trains with his mother. 

I’m looking forward to seeing this programme develop.

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